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Project Description

We understand that when it comes to their work, professionals enjoy perfection. We have therefore made it our ambition to perfect your professional image.

If your work needs a final once over before publication let us check crucial areas such as spelling, capitalisation, hyphenation, grammar and punctuation.

Our proofreaders are highly educated native English speakers with extensive hands-on editing experience. We will correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the writing that you submit to us and ensure that punctuation (such as the serial comma) and spelling patterns (those of British versus American English, for instance) are consistent throughout your document and meet the requirements of any guidelines that you are following. In addition, we will pay careful attention to layout and formatting so that your work is accurate, thorough, clear and effective.

This service is primarily aimed at work that has been translated by a native speaker, or has already been thoroughly edited. If you believe your work may require additional stylistic alterations then our editing service may be more suitable for your needs. If you are unsure don’t worry! This is something we will check for when making up your quote.

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