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Project Description

Editing is a distinct step of the publishing process. While in proofreading, our goal is to prevent mistakes, during the editing process the aim is make the work sound eloquent and natural.

Because of the structural differences in languages, virtually all non-native English text must be edited, rather than just proofread. The intention is to make the readibility of your text, indistinguishable from that which would be written by a native English speaker. This task is neither simple or quick, but it’s a requirement of proper presentation that is not only understood, but well received.

This may include finding synonyms for often repeated words, changing the word order or structure of sentence. Our goal in not only to sustain the original meaning, but to find the best way to express it. Typically, we will need to communicate with the author or translator to fine-tune details.

This means rewriting and reworking parts of your text to harmonise your style and content, improve your paragraph and sentence arrangement, and address issues related to transitions, word choice, clarity, impact and fluency.

We guarantee that if you choose to take advantage of our editing services, you won’t be dissapointed. The result will be a piece of literature which will leave the desired impression upon the reader, as if it was written by an expert of the English language!

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